Sexy Encounters and Other Fun Stories

The sometimes-graphic descriptions of the immoral situations I find myself in when I think no one is looking.


I got caught fucking a married dude in the woods near a middle school tonight.

I had him up against a fence in a woodsy area near the school. The spot we were in is lower than the road, down in a very small canyon area. He was against the fence after sucking my cock and i was fucking him when a car pulled up to the road. Someone got out, not sure what they were doing there but just as i’m fucking this guy i hear the car door open, and i hear someone walking over leaves and sticks and then i just hear “Oh!”. 

I didn’t stop fucking him.

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Personal Best

Ok, so i’m sure you guys can all fuck longer than me, and everyone has a bigger cock too. Doesn’t bother me. Here’s the story of MY new endurance record. Tell me about yours too…

The other day i’m getting ready for work and this guy that blows me once in a while asked me to come over. So i called work and said i’d be late because i had to go to the bank and take care of some stuff. So i drive over to this dude’s condo expecting to get a blowjob and be on my way to work. 

This guy is smokin’ hot and looks a lot like Eric Mabius. Great eyes, great body PERFECT round little ass that i love to eat while he sucks me. No idea what he sees in me but he says he loves sucking my cock cuz its a good size to suck on.

So i get there and instead of taking me to the TV room where he usually blows me he leads up a different set of stairs to the master bedroom. This is new.

He strips off his mesh shorts, climbs up on his bed, and arches his back. Holy shit. I want that so bad. So i walk over, kneel down a bit and start going to town on his ass with my tongue. I love eating his furry butt. Drives me wild. So i’m eating his butt for a few minutes and its nice and wet and my cock is throbbing and i’m ready to fuck this dude.  Without thinking i stand up…and just plow my fucking cock right into his wet hole. FUCK! Did i just do that? 

He liked it. he liked my cock right in has all the way like that. i climbd up on the bed with him, and he was on his knees and i’m behind him just pounding his ass. I loved it. First time i ever got to put my dick in that and its flesh to flesh and so fucking hot. and the best part is he doesn’t have a tight little ass. Its just loosened enough so that i was able to plow it without losing my load. I fucked him on his knees from behind, and then i pushed him onto his stomach and ground my cock into him. then i flipped is leg up to my should and put him on his side and fucked him on the side. from there i rolled him onto his back and the whole time i’m just fucking this dudes wet hole with my bare cock wondering how i haven’t shot my load yet. 

So i’m balls deep in him with him on his back and i roll him so now he’s on top riding my cock. riding it good. and then he stands up, and sucks my fucking cock for like 5 minutes, then sits down on it again backward. this dude seriously loved my dick. i still wasn’t close and i had to get going to work soon. 

So i put him back on his stomach and just fucked him as hard as i could. i fucked the cum right out of his dick and after 35 FUCKING MINUTES of fucking his hole that’s what finally got me close. I asked where he wanted it,

"fuck. dump it in my ass"

"You sure?"

"fuck yes, please, dump it in my fucking hole"

"fuck yeah, i’m going to blow this load right in your hot ass dude!"

And instead i pulled out and shot him right in the back of the fucking head with a huge load. it was fucking hilarious.

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The Duplicity of 22

Some 22 year olds (John) will walk into your room, straddle you while taking off your belt and kiss you til you’re dizzy. They will then strip you down and strip themselves down and suck and ride you til you black out. If a friend shows up, hell, he’ll work that dick too. These 22 year olds will wear themselves out on your body and then cuddle up next to you for the night and nestle in your strong arms and press their warm fuzzy bunz against you (how are such young bunz so fuzzy!!) til you think that those might be the only thing worth living for in all the world.

OTHER 22 year olds (Eric) will cry on the other side of the door of their parents’ condo in a gated community, refusing to let you in, which makes you look like the biggest oldest creep on earth. Then when you turn to go they say “NO, Stop, i really want to do this, i’m just scared!” Then you come back. and they start whining about how scared they are and how its their first time and yet again refuse to open the door.

I’m sure you can guess which type of 22 year old invited me over and wasted my lunch break. Now i’m hungry AND horny.

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A Hole in the Wall

stopped home on my lunch break and got an email from a hot slut with a glory hole. Figured i’d check it out.

I pull up, walk into the dudes house and see the glory hole set up in the doorway to what i’m guessing was an office. sounded like a nice guy. great voice. the pic he sent was hot but who knows what was really on the other side of that door.

I dropped my khaki’s and stuck my crotch through the hole to the dark room on the other side. 

My cock was instantly sucked right into the hole. I was briefly worried that i wasn’t going to be able to get it back. this fucker could suck a dick. And he was moaning and enjoying every inch of it. christ. felt so good. He started licking my hairy balls and i almost fell over. I looked up. the glory hole has a rope handle on the top. perfect. i grabbed on and pushed in deeper. oh my god this feels so good.

he was sucking my dick so good my body started convulsing. It was like one those monster horror movies where you see some idiot reach into a dark hole and you can tell they are having their arm chewed off, but instead of a gruesome scene on the other side there was just this hot little cocksucker working my dick for all he was worth. 

When i finally shot i thought i was going to take the door down. he was good - didn’t spill or miss a drop. he kept going long after i came, sucking on my soft dick. i finally started to pull out and he told me to wait a minute…i left my dick perched just at the hole. Out reach his hands with a fucking wetnap. this hot fucker sucked my dick dry and then had the supreme courtesy to clean me up after with a fucking wetnap. I’m in fucking heaven. The whole time he’s telling me how much he loves my cock. Christ. I love guys who love my cock. they’re my favorite people.

As i left he shouted to cum back anytime.

damn right i will. Gonna have him take a pic of my cock sticking through that hole next time so we can all see what i look like through glory hole.

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Trunk Space

Went to the corner store the other day after work and had to park my car in the alley because there were no spaces on the street. As i was walking down the alley i passed the open door of a garage, and this dude is in there working on his car. He sees me and smiles and waves and i wave back. He’s very cute, shorter than me and stocky, and i’ve seen him somewhere before, probably in the bars or on one of those hookup sites. I go to the store and get my charcoal and ligher fluid and when i come back up the alley dude is outside his garage door, wiping grease off his hands. he’s wearing black board shorts and i’ll be damned if i can’t see his cock pressed up against the nylon. And he’s smiling at me again. Cute guy, goatee, dark blonde hair, shorter than me, about 5’7 or 5’8, stocky white boy. Everything i like.

I say hi and he says hi and I figure what the hell and so i ask him what he’s working on in there. So of course, he shows me. Working on a car he wants to race. He’s explaining things i’ve never heard of before but i act interested and informed. Meanwhile i’m staring at how round his butt is in those shorts. Christ. Big chest too. And i can see chest hair spilling out over his neckline. Fuck. My cock wakes up a bit. And of course he notices, because i realize that i’m only wearing basketball shorts, no boxers, since i was only going out for a minute.

he looks down at my semi hard cock outline in my shorts and i see his cock go hard. Fuck, i think, its on. I reach for his, he reaches for mine. Tuggin on eachother a little in the alley. Then we go in the garage. Fuck. This is happening. The garage is set up like a mancave. Computer in the corner, car in the middle, some chairs, a small fridge, dirty dishes on the edge of the table. he’s still tuggin my dick when he pops it out of my shorts and slobbers on it a bit. Gets it nice and wet. I spin him around and slide his shorts down. We’re behind his car now, i have him up against it, over the trunk, looking out the garage door into the alley. The door is still open. Its one of those that slides to the side, not up and down. I can see the back of the house across the alley. No windows on the first floor, must be another garage. So no once can see me from that house. No need to stop to shut the door. If anyone goes by, they’ll see, but fuck ‘em. This all goes through my head in a second. Then i look down to the ass i’ve just exposed. Blond. Fuzzy. Bunz. I dive in headfirst and start eating that sweet ass and caressing those buns. Fuck. They’re hot and they taste great. I love it. I’m in love with it. I want to take this ass home and fuckin marry it. Grow old with it. Fuck. My tongue is getting his hole so wet. I can hear him grunting. I stand up and start grinding his crack with my cock. I have no intention of going further. He looks over his shoulder and asks me if i’m clean.

I tell him I am and that i don’t…and its too late. Before i can tell him i’m not ok playing raw, he’s back up on my cock. Just backed up right fucking on it. Who the fuck does that? his hole is so tight. I can’t pull out. I don’t want to pull out. Fuck, his hole is gripping my cock so good. I lean in further, and use my left forearm to push him down on the back of his car. What are those things on the back, the fins..spoilers? i have him over the spoiler. And now i’m railing his ass. Fuck. I’m fucking this hot blonde dude raw and i can tell he’s going to milk me dry. Fuck. I go for it. Might as well make it count. I shift on my feet so i can go in at a different angle. Aiming for that sweet spot i almost always hit. The one that makes them cum when i do. and i find it. he makes an awesome noise. A blue nissan versa drives by the open garage door, too fast to see anything i’m sure. I keep hitting his prostate. he’s moaning loud now. I”m so close. I’m stilling using my weight against him him. the cars moving. I hope its not on blocks. I grunt at him that i’m gonna cum. and i plunge in deep. and his ass tightens so hard around my cock and just takes everything i’ve got. and its so much. and i can feel him cum too. i can tell, the he feels inside, the way the muscles are moving. i can fucking tell he’s cumming too. I cum so loud. I’m grunting so much. it feels so damn good. so much cum. I stay in as long as i can. covered in sweat. his back is wet. I slowly pull out. So much cum drips out of his ass and off my dick.

He turns around and kisses me. Deep. And we just keep making out for like 20 minutes.

His beard is so soft.

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i don’t know who this is but i am in lust with him and i must have him

i don’t know who this is but i am in lust with him and i must have him

(via themoreitgrows-thebetteritgets-)

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Fuck that was hot! After you two fucked me on Friday night, I went into a downward sexual spiral (in a good way). I couldn’t get enough! You guys have a hot sexual energy, and it supercharged me for the weekend. LET’S HANG OUT AGAIN SOON!

—JW, Special Guest

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pic my buddy sent from work after that cam show

pic my buddy sent from work after that cam show

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